Learning to dance for your weddingWedding Dance

Surprise and delight your family and friends with a fabulous first dance of your special day!

Learning to dance for your wedding is an amazing way to spend time together before the big day and developing a skill that will last forever. 

Our patient, friendly and experienced instructors can help you to create a special moment where the two of you can enjoy, dancing to a special song that you love. 

We have a couple of tips for you before you start:

  1. Be patient and encourage one another through the learning process, especially if you are new to dancing. 
  2. Get started early! The closer you get to the wedding day, the more requests there will be for your time. We recommend that you start six months to a year in advance. This will give you and your fiancé plenty of time to practice and develop a natural and confident look.
  3. Choosing the right music and learning the appropriate dance will help make these moments a great experience as well.
  4. Coming to the studio as much as possible in the beginning can really help move you and your fiancé through the initial learning stages so that dancing together will be fun and exciting.

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