If you want to experience something new in your life and reach a higher level in your dancing,  then participating in Pro-Am competitions are the solution for you.

What are Pro-Am competitions?

Dancesport provides opportunities for ballroom dance competitions, including Pro-Am competitions.  During  these events, the amateur student dances with their professional instructor (also known as the Pro-Am couples), competing in different age categories and dance levels, from beginner to advanced.  The competition gives each dancer the opportunity to be in the spotlight. In addition to the dance experience that students gain from each competition, they have the opportunity to wear gorgeous dresses that make them look like they are floating on the dance floor.  And, of course, beautiful hairstyles and professionally applied makeup are part of the whole adventure, along with many other unforgettable experiences. 

Competitions are organized nationally and internationally. These events provide a perfect opportunity to combine the pleasures of dance with visiting new places. What could be more fun than going to beautiful places with people who share your passion for dancing? 

One of the strengths of Gold Ballroom is the high level of training of our instructors. They are certified and have vast experience in high level professional competition, as well as, various levels of Pro-Am divisions. As a result, you can have confidence in our well-developed “progress plan”, specifically designed to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a dance champion.

Wondering if you could do this, even if you have no dance experience? The answer is YES!  All you need to do is contact us now at 302 – 667 – 0408 or email to find out your first step!