International Style


Very often referred to as “Latin” or “Latin American”, International Latin dance style is unique because it is danced on straight legs and includes balletic lines. Latin, as danced today, has evolved since its introduction to the ballroom dancing world. Samba, for instance, looks like the festive counterpart that is danced today in the streets of Brazil. And while one can see a bit of American style Swing in the foundation of Jive, there are very little other similarities to Jive’s Swing style cousins.

Latin is based, in large part on long leg lines and takes a tremendous amount of strength and expertise to be danced at an advanced level.  At a social level, Latin is undoubtedly loser than Standard or Smooth. Partners are not required to maintain a constant dance frame while in hold position, which gives the dancers more freedom to play and improvise their movements.

International Latin consists of 5 dances:

  • Cha Cha – (30-32 bars per minute)
  • Samba – (50-53 bars per minute) 
  • Rumba – (25-27 bars per minute)
  • Paso Double – (60-62 bars per minute)
  • Jive – (42-44 bars per minute)

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