Dance Lessons

Private dance

Private lessons are something we recommend to every student because this is the fastest way to achieve your dancing goals. Each private lesson is personalized, in which you will receive the necessary attention to feel confident and great on the dance floor. If you are coming by yourself or with a partner we can teach you either way!

Group Classes

Group Classes are fun and essential part of your dance education. In a group class, you can meet other people who share the same passion as you, where you can learn new dances and figures. Another important aspect of a group class is that you can improve your technique and practice your lead and follow skills.

Social Dance Parties

Who doesn’t like to party and have fun…? We know that everyone needs a little active relaxation for body and mind, so come to our Social Dance Party where you can dance and practice in a pleasant atmosphere.

At Gold Ballroom – Social Parties are part of our learning program for every student regardless of dance level. Here you can practice all the dances and figures you have learned in your private and group lesson and in addition, you learn to maneuver while there are several couples on the dance floor. Whether you come with or without a partner, our instructors will help guide you along the way. You also have the opportunity to interact, socialize and dance with other people while practicing your lead or follow skills. 

Our parties are organized several times a month, for more details please follow our monthly calendar. Now you’re ready to come to make new friends and burn some extra calories!

Book your lesson today!

Book your lesson today!