In American Smooth dance style, couples dance counter-clockwise around a rectangular floor following a defined line of dance. Smooth style is a variation of International Standard style, which is also called European style. Smooth style differs from Standard in that open and separated figures are permitted, meaning that the couple sometimes dances in positions other than traditional closed hold. As a result, the dance partners individuality is further emphasized. Closed hold means that the dance partners are always connected and is used exclusively in Standard style.  Smooth style offers a lot of freedom in body movement and is more theatrical. Dips, turns and side by side moves are allowed and encouraged.

American Style Smooth is comprised of 4 dances:

  • Waltz – (28–30 bars per minute)
  • Tango – (30–32 bars per minute)
  • Foxtrot – (28-30 bars per minute)
  • Viennese Waltz – (53–54 bars per minute)

Our Professional Instructors are ready to teach and introduce you to the world of this wonderful style, which includes a wide variety of figures (series of steps that form a defined pattern), techniques and choreography.

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