Studio Rules:
  • Be respectful of the staff by keeping noise levels to a minimum in the lobby areas.
  • Students are expected to treat GBDS staff with respect and maintain a positive attitude. If a student is unable maintain the proper etiquette in class, the instructor may excuse the student from the class. If a student is excused from class, he/she will be given a clear explanation of the reasons.
  • GBDS reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct or attitude is found to be unsatisfactory.
  • Please respect the expertise and decisions of the GBDS
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the dance floor.
  • Students are responsible for disposing of their garbage and are expected to treat the Studio, furniture and equipment with respect.
  • Dress respectfully, no nudity and overly provocative clothing.
  • No touching of the Studio’s glass and
  • Keep the bathrooms clean.
  • Protect our beautiful floors! No spilled drinks. If anything is spilled, it should be wiped immediately or a staff member should be informed to take action.
  • No smoking on the premises.
  • Reporting to work or coming to take classes intoxicated or under the influence of non-prescription drugs, and the illegal manufacture, possession, use, sale, distribution or transportation of drugs will result in asking you to leave the premises immediately. More serious disciplinary actions will be taken against staff members in such cases.
  • Bringing or using alcoholic beverages to the Studio is not allowed, except when authorized during events and private client’s events with the proper alcohol license.
  • Use of vulgar language and jokes is prohibited.
  • No physical intimidation or injury, verbal harassment, theft, destruction of Studio property or property of others, verbal abuse, lewd, vulgar conduct, profanity, sexual harassment or coercion, firearms or weapons of any kind, self-destructive behavior, willful destruction or misuse of GBDS or another person’s property, inappropriate use of the internet and improper use of cell phones.
  • No staff is allowed to have any communication with students/clients by email, text, Twitter, Facebook, etc. unless it is strictly a Studio related matter or with the student/client consent.
  • Staff is not allowed to use the Studio’s registration system to obtain any personal information and contact students/clients unless it is a Studio related matter or with the student/client’s permission.
  • No treating a student/client or co-worker in a demeaning manner.
  • Theft of property from co-workers or students/clients of the Studio is strictly prohibited.
  • Being in the Studio without permission from the Owner is not allowed.
  • Soliciting gratuities from students and clients is prohibited.
  • Staff members are forbidden from having any GBDS student in their cars for any reason.
  • The GBDS has a strict “no dating policy” in terms of instructors and staff dating students/clients.

Applicable To Staff Members And Students/Clients

Please note these are only examples of common sense rules, which experience has shown to be both necessary and most effective in maintaining sound working and teacher-student relationships. They are only typical of cases, which can result in disciplinary action ranging from verbal warning to discharge and are not to be construed as limiting or restricting disciplinary action to only the specific cases listed.

What are the consequences?

 Consequences for not abiding Studio rules may include (but are not limited to):

  • Dismissal from the Studio
  • Suspension from classes
  • Fines
  • Probation


            Dance education requires “hands-on” instruction, as well as verbal instruction. Instructors will regularly correct students by touching their arms, legs, feet, hips, back and head or dance in close position. Instructors will also verbally correct students during class. If a student feels uncomfortable with this, they should communicate that directly with the instructor and/or escalate the issue to the Owner.

Bathrooms, Changing Areas, Dance Shoes 

Please avoid flushing excessive amount of toilet paper. Place all feminine products in trash cans. There are no designated changing rooms in the Studio. Please use bathrooms to change. We recommend that students arrive dressed for classes. Shoes can be changed inside the Studio. Cubbies should be used to place personal belongings and keep them away from the dance floor to avoid clutter and injuries.

Proper dance shoes are recommended. If a student does not have dance shoes, they should make sure they wipe the bottom of their shoes before entering the dance space.

Advertising & Social media

Students may be photographed and/or videotaped during classes, rehearsals, workshops and/or events by a GBDS Staff/Photographer. GBDS will use these images/videos for their archives and/or for commercial and social media purposes and will never pair a student/client’s name with the image, unless provided with permission by the student/client. Every student will sign a waiver form allowing their image/video to be taken and used for these purposes. If a student does not agree to sign their waiver, he/she should let the photographer/videographer and/or the Owner of the Studio know that images and videos of them should not be posted or used anywhere.

Personal belongings

GBDS does not provide a locked area for students/clients to store their personal belongings. We recommend that any valuable items be left at home or places in a cubby where they can be seen by the student/client, as GBDS will not be responsible for items that may get lost, broken, stolen, etc.

Studio Equipment & Furniture 

Students/clients are responsible for the proper use, protection of all equipment and furniture and other property furnished or made available to them by the Studio. Unauthorized or abusive use of such property is prohibited. At no time may any Studio equipment or property be removed from the premises without the prior permission of the Owner and/or Director of Operations.

Emergency & Holiday Disclosure 

If GBDS should have an emergency closure for any reason, students will be notified by email within 12 hours of classes if possible. A notice will be posted on the Studio’s web site and Facebook page.

The Studio is typically closed for the following Holidays (private event rentals and private lessons may be permitted upon request):

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day Weekend (includes Monday)
  • July 4th (the entire weekend if it falls on a weekend or the day of, if it falls on a weekday)
  • Labor Day Weekend (includes Monday)
  • Thanksgiving Weekend (starting Wednesday through Sunday)
  • Winter Break (starts a few days before Christmas and usually includes the first week of the New Year)

The GBDS strives to provide the safest possible environment for students to learn and practice dance. Our floors are installed and maintained professionally so they are not too slippery to avoid slipping injuries.

All areas are cleaned regularly to ensure a healthy environment for our classes and events.

The GBDS is not responsible and will not be held liable for any injuries that occur on the Studio’s premises and outside.

A First Aid Kit is available and will be provided upon request.



While students are allowed to drop in to classes, the GBDS strongly encourages that students who choose to attend a series of classes, do so from start to finish to ensure continuous education and solid foundation.


Refunds & Cancellation Policy

The GBDS has a NO REFUND Policy. All purchases are final and non-refundable. The Studio may issue store credit if a document from a doctor is presented to prove that the student is not allowed to attend classes prior to the expiration of a package.

Private lessons have to be cancelled at least 24 hours before the private lesson is scheduled to begin. Late cancellations are non refundable and the student loses both their payment and their credit.

Workshop payments are not transferable and non-refundable.

Policy in Harassment 

It is the policy of Gold Ballroom Dance Studio to hire employees and contractors as well as to provide services to students/clients regardless of race, religion, color, national origin or sex. All applicable laws relating to age, marital status, disability and discrimination will be strictly adhered to.

The Studio expressly prohibits any form of unlawful staff, student/client harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or status in any group protected by state or local law.

Staff members, students/clients who wish to register a complaint regarding any  harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or other protected factor should follow the procedure set forth in the Sexual Harassment policy.

It is the Policy of GBDS to maintain a safe and professional work environment free of harassment for all of its staff as well as students/clients. To that end, the Studio has adopted the following policy:

The Studio strictly prohibits sexual harassment of any staff member and or student/client. The Studio strictly prohibits all other forms of harassment of any staff member and student/client based upon that person’s race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or pregnancy. The Studio is committed to the prevention of any and all impermissible harassment.