Our Team

Ion Postolachi

Ion Postolachi was born in the Republic of Moldova, where he started his Ballroom Dance career at the early age of five. After many successful competitions, he managed to be a finalist at the “World Championship in Standard Formation”, which was held in Russia, Moscow.

After that, he continued to be a finalist and winner at national and international competitions in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, etc. At the age of 16 he moved to Romania where he started a successful new partnership.

Representing Romania, he was a finalist at the national championships, in which he was selected to represent Romania at the “European Union Cup” and be part of one of the most prestigious dance team and academy in Italy.
Ion Postolachi graduated from High School with a “Sports Profile”, followed by “Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca”, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, which helped him discover new horizons in his dance career. While at the University he successfully managed a dance studio, in which his students were winners and finalists at national competitions in Romania. In 2016, Ion and his wife emigrated to the United States and continued teaching here. His students being medalists at every competition they participate in.

Ion is the Co-Owner of the Gold Ballroom Dance Studio, where he teaches and contributes to the development of the dance community in Southern Delaware. Currently, he and his wife are Professional Dance Partners competing together in professional competitions and collaborating with top coaches in the country.

Ion Postolachi Certifications:

  • Graduate of Sport High School, Baia Mare Romania;
  • Bachelor’s Degree from “Babes-Bolyai University” with a specialty in Physical Education and Sports, Cluj-Napoca Romania;
  • Graduate of the World Renowned Team Diablo DanceSport Institute of Italy, the home studio of the WDSF Technical Manuals for Standard and Latin;
  • WDSF (World Dance Sport Federation) Certified in Standard Dances;
  • WDSF (World Dance Sport Federation) Certified in Latin Dances;

Diana Postolachi

Diana Postolachi is originally from the Republic of Moldova and has been always fascinated by dance since she was a child. Being part of the school’s dance troupe, together with her team she performed several dance styles, such as modern and folk dance where they participated at dance festivals.

At the age of 16, she moved to Romania and graduated high school with a “Pedagogical Profile”, at the same time she was part of a Theater Company in which she participated in televised events with famous local shows. Following that she graduated from “The Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca”, Faculty of Economics and Business Management. In the meantime, she was involved in projects such as “Miss Moldova in Romania” where her talent and experience in acting and dance helped her qualify until the final stage of the competition.

After a short time, she met her husband with whom they emigrated to the United States, and continued to develop in what she loves to do most, in dance.

Diana is the Co-Founder of Gold Ballroom Dance Studio, where she helps people discover the benefits of dance and introduce dance into their lives. Her experience as a dancer makes learning for beginners and more advanced students, to be a pleasant and productive process.

Diana Postolachi certifications:

  • Graduate “Pedagogical High School”;
  • Bachelor’s Degree from the “Babes-Bolyai University”, Faculty of Economics and Business Management, Cluj-Napoca Romania;
  • Certified Professional Make Up Artist;
  • Graduate “Universal Banking Program USA”;