American Rhythm

Dance Style

American Rhythm is a style that belongs to Latin American dances and is very similar to the International Style Latin. At first glance, the differences between these two styles are minimal, but when we go into details we begin to see more distinctions. These differences are in the speed of the music and of course in the technique of executing movements. If we focus on the technical differences, in Rhythm we will step with the knee of the foot slightly bent and we will straighten the knee only after we put the heel down and have transferred the weight on the foot, this technique was called “Pressed Walk”. In the International Latin style we will straighten the knee before stepping on the foot, which changes the dynamics and technique of the movement.

American Style Rhythm is comprised of 5 dances:

  • Cha Cha – (30 bars per minute)
  • Rumba – (30-32 bars per minute)
  • East East Swing – (34-36 bars per minute)
  • Bolero – (24-26 bars per minute)
  • Mambo – (48-51 bars per minute)

Many social dancers like to combine Rhythm and Latin, because the figures and dance technique are similar and it is easy to combine them. Rhythm is a fun style in which combining with other Latin dances can help you have a greater diversification of figures from which you can choose. At Gold Ballroom we can help you learn all the dances of this style in a pleasant and efficient way, and our Professional Instructors will make you feel as comfortable as possible when you will be on the dance floor.